“…Share in Christ’s compassion and ministry to them.”

The strong touch and healing nature of our therapy staff will work to:
• Restore strength after post-operative procedures
• Help residents find success through a holistic approach to care
• Provide transitional support showing understanding and compassion
• Invite families to participate in therapy to provide the best care possible
• Engage residents to strive for improved health and work within the capabilities of each individual
• Bring honor and dignity as part of our clinical team

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Expertise

Our experienced therapy team has the skills and training to provide effective, specialized treatment for a variety of conditions, such as: stroke, joint replacements, amputations, falls, general decline, prolonged hospital stays, oncology, cardiac procedures, traumatic brain injuries, debility and weakness, wounds, and dementia.

Home Management Training

The therapy professionals teach patient strategies to manage daily activities at home, while reducing the risk of injury or further decline. Because our facility includes a full kitchen, laundry, and bathroom with tub and shower, this part of the treatment process can be initiated quickly and progressed incrementally.

Home Assessments

Prior to discharge, our therapists can evaluate the patient’s function in their own home with family members present. The therapist will make recommendations that allow for a balance between the patient’s abilities, needed and desired activities, and the home environment so they can manage safely and productively at home

Multi Disciplinary Team Approach

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy collaborate with one another and our medical staff to develop and implement a plan of care that helps each resident most efficiently achieve their specific goals. Multiple medical professionals work together to facilitate a positive healing and recovery process.


Individual treatment plans are outlined with goal setting and residents get to enjoy the benefit of working one-on-one with the professional therapy staff.


This specialized electrical stimulation is used for functional strengthening of swallowing and is provided by our Speech Language Pathologist with an advanced certification.

Caregiver Training

The therapy team educates family members and other caregivers on each resident’s individual function and needs. This facilitates an easier recovery process and safer, smoother transition to home.

2Equal Housing Opportunity

We subscribe to a non-discrimination policy.

Christian Based Approach

We are affiliated with Allegheny Region of the Churches of God.

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