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Grove Manor Mission Statement

“…and he saw him and he was moved with compassion. – Luke 10:33”

Grove Manor is a non-profit facility affiliated with the Churches of God, and committed to the Christian vision of hope and healing.
We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each unique person, that our residents are providentially entrusted into our care, and that we are called to share in Christ’s compassion and ministry to them.
Our mission at Grove Manor Nursing Home is to offer quality and holistic care to our ill and aged residents, and to provide for them a loving and compassionate environment, attending carefully to their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.
Our aim is to ensure a comfortable and well maintained facility, a high-quality food service, an array of professional health and therapy services, a variety of social and recreational activities and a Biblically based, interdenominational spiritual ministry.



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A Grove Manor History

by Pastor Lester P. Thornton

A home for the aging was a dream in the minds of a good many of the members of the Church of God for years. This dream comes from a sad story about a retired pastor that had no where to go as the United States was heading down the dark road of the Great Depression. As the dream developed and God answered prayers Rev. Arnold Berg became the first secretary of the board and main “pusher” of the project to build a home that would support and show compassion to God’s creation. Rev. Berg recalls that in 1931 or thereabouts he was appointed with others to a committee to consider the prospects of making a dream a reality. However, nothing physical was accomplished for a number of years but hard work and prayer led the Church of God to form a committee appointed by the conference in 1966 and that is when God was ready to revel His plan from a dream into an action.

One of early meetings was held on April 17, 1967 at the Brackenridge Church of God with committee members Arthur Eakin, Mae Eakin, Sherd Harlan, Dick Taylor, Bill Dunlap, Connie Shorts and Arnold Berg all present. By action of the committee Lester Thronton was named as agent for the Grove Manor property and Arnold Berg was sent to meet Attorney McBride to explore the options of bringing this dream to an actual reality.

In September 24, 1966 the Grove Manor Building Committee met and selected Arthur Eakin as temporary chairman. He held that position as until retiring to Findley, Ohio in 1975. A motion was made and passed directing the secretary to make application for state approval of the use of the term “Grove Manor” as the official name for the anticipated “Home for the Aging.”

In the minutes of June 1, 1968 the secretary was instructed to arrange for the razing of the one remaining building on Grove Manor property (the little house of Dr. Morgan Barnes, next to the big truck accessory building (the current main lobby of the skilled nursing)) this to include the filling in of the foundations of this building and the one previously torn down with help from conference with some of those being Eakin, Molgaard, Taylor, Berg, Thronton, Harlan, Potter and others.

In October 19, 1968 the Grove Manor Committee met again at Brackenridge Church of God, with Eakin, Eakin, Shorts, Taylor, Berg and Thronton present, A. Eakin was instructed to sign agreement with Leon Hufnagel, Clarion, for the making and drawing of plans for a Home for the Aging. Chairman was authorized to arrange meeting with Christian Bonds, Inc. of Beaver, with Slayman. This company issued our $500,000.00 bond and then a little later $100,000.00.

March 3, 1969, Board authorized Berg and Dunlap to interview Velma Mainhart with plans to secure her services as Grove Manor Administrator.

In January 15, 1970 the Board met and authorized purchase of Sarnature (near where the flag pole is today) property for $15,500.00. Motion passed approving the schedule of the architect in setting up procedures in preparation for building and construction of Grove Manor, in so far as possible, looking forward to completion date of April 1, 1971.

Early 1970 contracts were signed with approximately these amounts for constructing Grove Manor: General Construction – J.G. Hayden & Son $311,000.00, Electrical – Brooks Appliance $42,000.00, heating and plumbing – Renick Brothers $93,000.00, Kitchen Equipment – Curran Taylore Inc. $25,866.00.

In Western Pennsylvania Conference Journal of 1966 on page 25, it reports that the Western Pennsylvania Conference Administrative Council meeting of May 28, 1966 at Brackenridge Church of God, is when definite action for actually building the home was approved. 1) Bill Dunlap elected to fill a vacancy on home development board. 2) Two members from Western Pennsylvania Conference WCSC were added to the board. 3) Adopted that Buchart Associates be employed as architectural firm and that the home be established at Grove City. 4) Adopted that the Development Committee be incorporated under the name Grove Manor and that the Development Committee become the Board of Directors of this corporation. 5) Adopted recommendation that definitive authority be given to this committee to initiate the necessary steps for beginning the building program. Grove Manor Corporation after that made its decisions, reporting to the conference their accomplishments and plans.

A ground breaking ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon, April 19, 1970. Miss Consuelo (Connie) Shorts, Polk, PA., was chosen to turn over the first shovel of dirt, because she sold the most bonds for the initial funding for Grove Manor in an amount of $70,000.00. Remarks were made by Rev. Darrah, President of the Conference, Grove City Mayor, James Perry, Mrs. G. Dewald, President of the Conference WCSC. Officers of Grove Manor Corporation were A. Eakin, President, R. Taylor, Vice President, H. Potter, Treasurer, D. White, M. Eakin, C. Shorts, B. Dunlap, J. Williamson, T. Hileman, R. Main. The Advisory Committee members present were: H. Cadamore, L. Thornton, Velma Mainhart, Administrator.

May 31, 1970, the Allied News Headline “200 ATTENDED GROVE MANOR CONERSTONE CEREMONIES.” Rev. Gordon Boak, pastor of East Main United Presbyterian Church, was principal speaker. The opening portion of the ceremony was held inside the North Center Street Church of God. The group attending then moved to the front of Grove Manor building where A. Eakin gave the statement of intent and purpose. The litany was conducted by H. Cadamore, a prayer was offered by R. Taylor, a brass trio from Latrobe played hymns of praise, A. Eakin announced that there would be a box placed at the corner stone and each of the contents of box, T. Hileman was placed charge of depositing the box, benediction was given by R. Main

April 13, 1971, The Allied News Headline “GROVE MANOR’S FIRST RESIDENT IS BILL SMITH.” “I didn’t think this was going to be so important,” said Willard H. “Bill” Smith, Broadacres, Grove City as he entered his room at Grove Manor for the Aged on Thursday afternoon. Bill said if he lived until the 14th of May he would be 88 years old.

September 21, 1986, in the new chapel a dedication of the Memorial Chapel stained glass windows, conference room, and offices. B. Rodahaver presided, a message was offered by A. Berg, the litany by M. Kaufman, and a dedication prayer by C. Carl.

In 1988 Phase III was completed and the Rose Wing was open. It included rooms for 15 residents, nurses’ station, beauty room (actually 2 elevator shafts for future building), new dining room for Grove Manor, dining-living room for Rose Wing, large therapy room where residents are fed, portico with double door entrance.

Today, if you walk the 400 block of North Broad Street, Grove City, you will see an award winning 5 star facility that was built out of love and prayer by a group of people who had a dream and the wisdom to seek out God for the path. The present skilled nursing unit at Grove Manor houses 59 dully certified beds in a remolded building with a lobby entrance added in 2005 and in 2013 a large therapy gym was added for improved patient care. The Rose Wing, now The Pines at Grove Manor is a licensed 40 bed personal care home. The Memorial Chapel that was dedicated in 1988, now named the Lester Thornton Chapel, still holds weekly worship services and Sunday school. Many of the daily activities, which were not even dreamed in 1966, take place in this very space blending our focus hope and healing.

The Grove Manor mission is the same today as it was in the beginnings of 1931
when a retired pastor needed a place to “retire.”

Christian Loving Fund

The Christian Loving Fund is a non-profit charitable organization affiliated with the Allegheny Region Conference of the Churches of God, principally concerned with the care of senior adults.

The Mission of the Christian Loving Fund is to raise, manage, and distribute funds in ways that will meet special needs and enhance the quality of living for residents of Grove Manor Nursing Home located in Grove City, PA, The Caring Place located in Franklin, PA, and Woodcrest Senior Living Community located in Scottdale, PA.

The Objective of the Christian Loving Fund for many years has been to aid in providing a loving, compassionate environment while carefully attending to the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the residents at Grove Manor Nursing Home, The Caring Place, and Woodcrest Senior Living Community."

Donations and Contributions are received through individual gifts, memorials, Honorariums, Wills and Bequests.
Contributions are tax deductible.
Payable to:
Christian Loving Fund
P.O. Box 1055 Franklin, PA 16323-5055

Equal Housing Opportunity

We subscribe to a non-discrimination policy.

Christian Based Approach

We are affiliated with Allegheny Region of the Churches of God.

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